Zufiaw Collective Agreement

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Today, trade unions are increasingly recognized worldwide as one of the most important institutions of national development and reconstruction. Reaffirms their commitment that no other socio-economic progress can be achieved; In fact, they do so by fulfilling their economic function, which aims to improve the dignity and prestige of work, the culture of self-respect and achievement, and the promotion of collective efforts surrounded by the unity of goals. For these and other no less strong objectives, the Zambian Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers (ZUFIAW) was founded. The trade union`s registered office is located in Lusaka, Zambia at rooms 4,5,6,7.8.9,27 & 28 Luangwa House, P.O. Box 31174, code 10101, telephone 260-1-222105/231364 Fax 260-1-231364.www.zufiaw.org.zm 8 Objectives of the union Comprehensive organisation of workers in the financial sector. the use of Union funds, inter alia, to provide support to members in case of emergency and to provide legal assistance to members with regard to their employment. Regulation of members` wages, salaries and other working conditions. Seek to resolve relationships and disputes between the member`s employees and employers, as well as between members and non-members, by mutual agreement. 5 1st Floor Office Luangwa House, Cairo Road, Lusaka, Zambia Post Office Box 31174, Lusaka, Zambia +260 231364/ +260 222105/ +260 226216 hq@zufiaw.org www.zufiaw.org Endeavour to resolve relations and disputes between the Member`s employees and employers, as well as between Members and non-Members by mutual agreement. A selection of Zambian collective agreements can be found here.

You can find the original texts, read them and navigate through the individual chapters and articles, depending on the topics that interest you. When you click on a collective agreement, a page opens: on the left is the full text, while in the right column you will find a summary of the provisions of the collective agreement. Trade unions and employers in Zambia have contributed to the collection of these ACAs. The publication was developed by the WageIndicator Foundation and the University of Dar es Salaam. Contact us. Zufiaw is the only union in Zambia with full-fledged and active departments for workers` education and research, focused on educating and training members and technically facilitating collective bargaining. Kentucky Pharmacists Association Joey Mattingly, Organizational Affairs Bob McFalls, Executive Director. 18 Quadrennial Conference Hearing and Decision on Possible Appeals. The Quadrennial Conference has the power to amend or repeal each of these articles. Receive and review nominations and elect the National Executive Board. The Quadrennial Conference shall have the power to expel from the Conference all delegates who have been found to disregard any of these articles. 21 NATIONAL EXECUTIVE BOARD The National Executive Board shall ensure strict compliance with these articles by all members of the Union.

If an appeal is to be heard and in the absence of an annual conference or quad racing conference, the National Executive Board has the authority to appoint a special committee consisting of the National Executive Councils and one (1) representative of each District Committee to hear the appeal. Union of State Employees. The Union of State Employees is part of the General Federation of Labor in Israel – “Histadrut” It represents all civil servants in. 36 ZUFIAW Philosophy ORGANIZATION WORKERS UNITY OF OBJECTIVES (SOLIDARITY) COLLECTIVE BARGAINING Support the promotion of the corporate image of our individual member institutions in the business world and the nation as a whole. Art. 22 NATIONAL EXECUTIVE BOARD Tasks and powers The National Executive Board shall do its best to achieve the objectives of the Union. The National Executive Board shall ensure that Union funds are used in the best interests of the Organisation and its members. The National Executive Board shall, if necessary, interpret these articles and determine any point on which these articles remain silent. Support former ZUFIAW members in setting up and setting up small businesses after leaving formal employment. .

Promote the training of workers and their participation in national development programmes. Effective integration of youth at all levels of the Union The Union participates in various activities promoted by the partner institutions. Some of the activities are listed below; 2 PROFILE Full name: Zambia Union of Financial Institutions and Allied Workers Abbreviation: ZUFIAW Membership: 4,000 Currency: “Workers First” Founded: Rhodesian Society of Bank Officials (RHOSOBO), 17 November 1961 ZUFIAW participated in the 6th Inter-Company Relay 2004, organized by the Zambia Amateur Athletics Association (ZAAA), where we won the prestigious 1st Business Leaders Award. The Department of Workers` Education worked on the formulation of guidelines on HIV/AIDS, and union members were identified who participated in the various seminars/workshops. On the 18th. In February 2004, the research department coordinated the joint FFTUZ/ZCTU protest march against the increase in SALARIES and the freezing of salaries in the Parliament building. On this occasion, a petition was handed over to the DEPUTIES. Trade union membership is open to all workers working in the financial sector of the economy and includes: membership in a registered trade union confederation.

33 sectoral committees ensuring the full organisation of workers in the sector. Resolve disputes and grievances. Ensure that there are good relations between workers and employers, as well as with workplace health and safety committees. Hold general meetings as often as possible. Ensure and maintain a high level of discipline among all union members and officials. Maintain an up-to-date register of members. If a branch keeps an account, the annual accounts with supporting documents must be submitted to the registered office before 15 October. Exchange of information and strategies with other trade unions at the national, regional and international levels. Promote sport in member institutions and possibly identify men and women for national development Promote interaction and exchange of views and ideas among workers of different financial institutions 20 annual conference hearing and decision on appointments.

Review and approval of designated candidates co-opted to the National Executive Board. The Conference has the power to amend and repeal each of these articles. Organize by-elections for a vacant position if the Conference rejects nominated candidates who have been co-opted to the National Executive Board. The Conference shall have the power to send from the Conference all delegates who do not comply with any of these articles. Tripartite meeting of the Labour Advisory Board, Mulungushi Conference Center, December 2006 FAFO fafo Institute for Applied Social Science Johannesburg, South Africa Global Union Research Network (GURN) Geneva, Switzerland Zufiaw has a fully computerized secretariat with an intranet and Internet that connects all offices. ZUFIAW was the first union in Zambia to launch a website with its own resources and the sixth of UNI`s affiliates in Africa. The website reflects our seriousness in participating in national development using information and communication technologies (ICTs). This initiative was in line with UNI-Africa`s goal of making ICTs the backbone of trade union work worldwide. 25 NATIONAL WOMEN`S COMMITTEE Composition Women`s National Committee Chairperson of the Women`s National Vice-President of Women National Secretary for Women – Coordinator of the Committee 4 Members of the Committee 11 Recognition and Collective Agreements Goldman Insurance Limited Indo-Zambia Bank Limited Intermarket Banking Corporation Investrust Bank Plc Local Authorities National Pension Scheme Authority National Savings & Credit Bank Public Service Pensions Fund Pensions and Insurance Authority Im In accordance with the guiding principles and objectives enshrined in the ZUFIAW Constitution, Zufiaw holds its annual conference every year and also organises a quadrennial conference every four years, which deals with policy formulation and changes and also introduces a new executive that regulates the affairs of the Union every four years. Art.

29 Obligations to resolve disputes and complaints submitted to them by branches. Submit an annual statement of accounts with supporting documents or supporting documents to the headquarters of the Union before 15 October. Register with the General Secretary shortly after the district is established. Protest march against high wage rates and the imposition of wage freezes (ii) The Executive Committee of zufiaw`s Lusaka District managed to organize two sports days organized in 2005 and 2006, the objectives of which were: the regulation of wages, salaries and other working conditions of its members. SILC ALIGNMENT. Department of Health and Administration of Social Services for Community Life Independent Living Administration Centres for the Self-Employed. Zufiaw is the only Union that has an informal sector office at local and regional levels. .